PrimeXBT Lists Matic Coin & 24 More Digital Assets!

PrimeXBT Lists Matic Coin & 24 More Digital Assets!

PrimeXBT has recently announced the expansion of its trading portfolio. This new venture is expected to open new avenues for the trading platform with popular and fast-growing cryptocurrency projects. The newly added 24 digital assets also include Polygon’s native coin MATIC. The modern and user-friendly outlook of the trading platform will greatly enhance the operation of the coin in terms of trading and investment.

Polygon began its journey as MATIC solutions in the latter part of 2017. The project aimed at eradicating the issues on the Ethereum blockchain in terms of scalability and performance. After being in operation for nearly three years, the project underwent a rebranding process in 2021 to become Polygon. The growth of the project has since been phenomenal as many developers are onboarding the network to address the issues found on Ethereum. The project also earned sole seminal integrations recently, which are expected to give the coin a rally in the market. The coin’s price posted a 5% growth in the last seven days and is currently positioned at the $1.5 level. According to this reliable MATIC price prediction, the token’s value could potentially reach $3.5 in 2023 and soar to more than $10 in the next five years.

Despite being one of the more technically sophisticated cryptocurrency infrastructures, MATIC’s trading potential hasn’t received as much attention. This could be why MATIC’s price has been underwhelming in the past few weeks. However, investors unanimously agree on the coin’s ability to bring huge profits, not to mention the stability it brings to the investments. This lack of attention to MATIC trading could be answered by the growing interest of the trading platforms to list MATIC.

MATIC’s listing on PrimeXBT would open the gates for the token to reach new areas of the trading market. PrimeXBT’s foundation is backed by 20 years of experience in the financial markets. Moreover, the platform’s interface would simplify MATIC’s trading atmosphere to a level never seen before. There are also insights and guides for beginners to help them navigate through the complex concepts of trading with much ease.

Moreover, PrimeXBT’s infrastructure would allow users to trade on popular DeFi protocols through a single mobile app. The yield farming program would help MATIC holders earn an income of around 10% instead of keeping the tokens idle while waiting for a surge. These options would help MATIC establish a foothold in the market as a trading token. The eventual increase in the trading volume could also help the coin get a positive price action in the market. Reportedly, the trading platform is in talks with other renowned names, European Fintech firm Covesting,  to expand the business.

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