Samsung Continues Support for Crypto

Samsung Plans to Continue Support for Cryptocurrency With Latest Smartphone Galaxy S20

Samsung Electronics has clarified that its recently launched Galaxy S20 range will carry the similar crypto storage facilities that the technology giant’s previous models had.

The Korean based company launched Samsung Galaxy S20 range a couple of days back. The company informed that the smartphone’s security system contains a latest secure processor that is aimed to protect your password, PIN, pattern, and Blockchain Private Key.

Samsung is a leading South Korean multinational conglomerate that has its headquarter in Samsung Town, Seoul. The tech giant was founded by Lee Byung-Chul in 1938.

Samsung also highlighted several other features of the recently launched smartphone that may include better battery-life, picture-taking capacity, among others. However, the reference by the company to Blockchain Private Key is a clear indication that the company’s latest model is expected to carry the similar cryptocurrency storage facilities discovered in earlier models.

Cryptocurrency private key storage is reportedly going to remain available in the complete S20 range.

According to reports, Samsung had initially added support for cryptocurrencies in the year 2018 when the company decided to link a wallet device into its popular model Galaxy S10.  Later in July, Samsung decided to launch a developer kit that permitted third parties to establish specially designed apps’ for the smartphone.

Among those uniquely designed apps, one app permitted users to pay for products in stored cryptocurrency by simply scanning the merchants’ QR code.

During the launch time, the wallet had compatibility only with Ether and ER20 tokens. However, Samsung then decided to add support for Bitcoin in September and also added TRON in October.

The feature remained exclusive to the S10 range, in the beginning, the company then claimed in May that it is keen to add the cryptocurrency support for some of its more budget models.

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