aeternity Crypto Foundation Becomes Founding Member of Erlang Ecosystem Foundation

aeternity Crypto Foundation Becomes Founding Member of Erlang Ecosystem Foundation

Florence London

The aeternity crypto foundation which supports the development of the open-source aeternity blockchain protocol, has become one of the founding members of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation.

aeternity has a scalable smart contract infrastructure and was created using the Erlang programming language by the creators of Erlang.

Just like the aeternity crypto foundation, the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation will consist of companies and individuals involved in the further development of the Erlang programming language.

Board Member of the aeternity crypto foundation Emin Mahrt said,

The aeternity blockchain uses Erlang for its reference implementation. So, naturally, we want to support efforts to ensure Erlang remains well-equipped to handle the growing demands of the future.

In addition to aeternity crypto foundation, the Elrang Ecosystem Foundation has other industry leaders as members, like Ericsson, which developed Erlang in 1986, Whatsapp, Cisco, Klarna, and Erlang Solutions. These companies pool their resources to create new applications for Erlang. One successful example of this collaboration is the Lumen Project that enables compiling Erlang/ Elixir applications for WebAssembly.

Mhart reiterated his point that promoting research in Erlang would help in development and growth of aeternity by saying that,

We are keen on exploring more fields of research and are looking forward to joining forces with other Erlang professionals to collaborate on efforts in areas that are very interesting for the aeternity open source technology.

The Erlang Ecosystem Foundation is committed to technologies based on the BEAM like Erlang, Elixir, and LFE. Its members form Working Groups, which create libraries, tools, and documentation that can be used by other member companies and individuals. It aims to support the development of open-source projects based on runtime and languages.

The aeternity crypto foundation supports open-source development of aeternity blockchain protocol and surrounding ecosystems. aeternity blockchain is built by a collaboration of industry leaders who want to create real-world applications of blockchain to promote its adoption among various industries across the world. aeternity blockchain is scalable and has an easier smart contract programming language for the creation of decentralized apps (DApps).

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