Amazon’s Virtual Assistant Alexa’s Demand Growing for In-vehicle Applications

Amazon’s Virtual Assistant Alexa’s Demand Growing for In-vehicle Applications

Amazons “voice-enabled” virtual assistant Alexa is increasingly being integrated by carmakers with their systems to create in-vehicle voice recognition systems.

Amazon first created solutions for carmakers in 2016 in which Alexa was used for enabling customers to start their cars from their homes.

Amazon is currently working with 10 carmakers to adapt Alexa to their systems. It launched Echo Auto in 2019 which used Alexa to perform navigation, music selection, etc.

General Motors will install Alexa in the Buick, Cadillac, GMC Vehicles and Chevrolet. Ford has added Alexa into its mobile app. Audi has integrated Alexa with the Audi e-Tron. BMW and Volkswagen are also working with Amazon to create new applications for Alexa.

Amazon is creating solutions for using Alexa for various in-vehicle functions like turning the car on and off, locking doors, etc. Use cases for Alexa are also being developed in connecting people traveling in their vehicles with devices in their homes, provide navigation, etc.

Alexa will be integrated with the car systems and hence users do not need mobile phones to connect to it. Thus, car drivers will not have to constantly keep staring at their mobile phones while also concentrating on driving which endangers their safety.

Carmakers are still undecided about whether they should offer internet services for Alexa at some subscription fees or rely on customers’ internet service.

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