Cryptojacking: Everything You Need to Know

Wayne Clark

We all are aware of the dangers posed by hackers to our systems. These persons with malicious intent can break into the system and steal important information that can be used unlawfully in a variety of manners. In order to protect our systems, we take a number of measures, including installing an antivirus program, using a secure Wi-Fi network, exercising constraint while opening the mails, among others.

Cryptojacking: What is it?

In the cryptocurrency space, cryptojacking is a phenomenon where hackers break into your system, not with the intent of stealing the information but to use your system’s resources to mine cryptocurrency. In order to understand the concept of cryptojacking, we need to get into the detail of the crypto mining process. Cryptocurrency mining is a very complex procedure and requires a large amount of computing power and energy resources. In fact, computing power is the major constituent of the overall resource requirement for cryptocurrency mining.

In order to save resources, hackers break into the system and use its resources for the process of cryptocurrency mining. This essentially means that your system is used for cryptocurrency mining without your authorization. You will never come to know this while hackers continue to trawl web mine cryptocurrency.

The most common method that hackers use to take over your system is inserting the Malware into the system. It can be done through a number of ways such as through mail, installing some applications, inserting some hidden software into the system, etc. Once malware gets installed, it will secretly take over and use your CPU for the cryptocurrency mining process. Many hackers also use different websites and browsers to trick users into accepting third-party permission and then use the internet and other resources of the system to accomplish their tasks. Cryptojacking poses a number of threats for the organization with the most prominent ones, including soaring bills of electricity, compromised cybersecurity, and technical problems systems develop owing to their incompatibility to mining procedures. 

Ways to Handle Cryptojacking

The primary measure that you can take in order to save your organization from cryptojacking is to strengthen the overall cybersecurity system. Upgrade your security and make sure you have installed the latest version of anti-malware and antivirus protection in your system. You also need to be careful with the browser and the recommendation is to go for a reputable web browser that offers extra safety against malware and phishing attempts. In addition, keep a regular check on the usage of your resources and CPU working condition and any aberration in the amount of electricity used by the system or overheating of the CPU should be investigated from the angle of cryptojacking.


Cryptocurrencies today have become more popular than ever and many have realized the profit potential one can gain from investing in Bitcoin and other digital coins. This explains the growing popularity of a number of Bitcoin trading software and Bitcoin-trader Review shows that the software is one of the best options available in the market – offering both manual and automated trading options to clients.

The rising popularity of these kinds of trading platforms explains why the requirement of mining digital coins is also on the rise. To mine cryptocurrencies, a sufficient amount of resources required, especially in terms of computing power and electricity. This has popularized the cryptojacking process. To avoid falling prey to cryptojacking, one should be vigilant and any abnormal increase in the usage of the computing resources or electricity cost should catch a person’s attention. The only way to protect the system is to upgrade your cybersecurity system and use the latest version of security to thwart any illegal attempt aimed to break into your computer system and resources.

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