Coinitix – A Platform for Buying Bitcoins with Credit Cards

Coinitix – A Platform for Buying Bitcoins with Credit Cards

With the Corona pandemic raging worldwide, economies have gone spiraling down, and traditional fiat currency values have taken a beating. The one redeeming feature has been the stability of digital currencies, especially Bitcoin, which has given investors some relief.

But buying Bitcoins has never been easy, with buyers having to go through a lengthy verification process to ensure that no money laundering laws are broken, and taxes are paid. Traditional purchase modes are using bank wire transfers, debit cards, and other forms of money transfer. But the easiest by far is buying Bitcoin with credit cards. It is also a unique method as you are purchasing digital currency through a fiat currency payment gateway, which is regulated by the Governments of countries. Coinitix facilitates this amalgamation through their optimized cryptocurrency platform.

So, What Is So Special About Coinitix?

Generally, investors have always avoided using credit cards to buy Bitcoins, primarily because of the high cost of such transactions and strict exchange mode. But all that is now a thing of the past with the emergence of the Coinitix platform. It is a secure and smart cryptocurrency platform but what sets it apart from the others in this genre is the many features it offers buyers that help them avoid the usual complexities.

How to Buy Bitcoins on the Coinitix platform

You can buy Bitcoin with credit cards on Coinitix in a few simple steps.

  • First, you have to open an account on Coinitix. A few documents have to be uploaded, and a username and password are to be created. No specific technical knowledge is needed at this stage as clear on-screen instructions are displayed for guidance. Follow them carefully, and you will not face any problem.
  • The particulars provided by you will now be verified by Coinitix. Since the platform is fully secured and covers all its bases, the verification setup is very thorough and might take some time. Once all the documents are processed and verified, using credit cards to buy Bitcoin is as easy as it can get.
  • After the documents are verified, your account will be registered and activated. You can start buying Bitcoins with your credit card on the site.

Compared to other cryptocurrency platforms, the main USP of Coinitix is that there is no hidden agenda or fine print and everything is above board. At every step of the account opening process, you will be informed that Coinitix relies for verification only on trusted third-party vendors with impeccable credentials. All details shared by you are only processed in a highly secure and safe environment.

Why Would you choose the Coinitix platform?

When buying Bitcoins, you will be spoilt for choice. There are many Cryptocurrency platforms that you can choose from, but few offer the user-friendly and simplified features of Coinitix. All transactions are facilitated through a step by step guide that helps both beginners and seasoned pros to operate on Coinitix. Given here are some of the cutting-edge features of the Coinitix site that makes it a frontrunner among others in this field.

  • Fast Processing Times – Buying Bitcoins on Coinitix is a lightning-fast process. The digital currency can be bought with your credit card at the click of a button only.
  • User-Friendly Platform – Regardless of whether it is a first-time purchase or one of many, navigating the platform does not need any special skills or technical expertise. This is why the common person prefers to be on Coinitix to buy Bitcoins with credit cards.
  • Payout Structure – The payout structure is competitive and can be compared to the best in the cryptocurrency industry. Hence there is no additional load on the customers as the fees for all transactions are uniform without any specific categorization for certain segments of the users. Moreover, the fee structure is very transparent and above board, and Bitcoin buyers never have to face any last-minute shocks at checkout.
  • Consistent Performance – Performance is assured on Coinitix without any lag or setbacks, mainly due to the advanced technologies on which the platform is based.
  • Round the Clock Support – Coinitix offers its customers round the clock personalized support, so all issues are resolved at the earliest. The customer support and service team can be reached via live chat, phone, or email 24×7, and any problem is taken care of in real-time.
  • Fully Regulated Platform – Coinitix is a fully regulated and authorized platform and comes with robust security and safety features. Your bitcoin cryptocurrency is safe in your wallet since all transactions with credit cards are done over an alphanumeric address that changes every time with an OTP. Your money, therefore, is safe at all times.

If you are buying Bitcoins with credit cards, Coinitix is the platform to be on.

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