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Exploring the Features of Cryptohopper Trading Bot

Trading cryptocurrencies is not an easy job, as there are huge risks and market volatility involved. At times, a minor trade error and assumption can turn into massive losses for the traders. Understanding this, Cryptohopper came up with a platform that not only makes crypto trading easier but also removes the human flaws.

What is Cryptohopper?

Cryptohopper is a powerful cryptocurrency trading bot that is automated in nature. It facilitates faster automated trading, manages the users’ portfolio in a more organized way while letting the users keep track of their investments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The automated bot is compatible with over 100 digital currencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin.

So far, the Cryptohopper bot enables users to trade on 10 prominent crypto exchanges, such as Binance, Coinbase Pro, KuCoin, Kraken, Bittrex, Poloniex, Huobi, Bitfinex, Binance.US, and Bitvavo exchange. Through its featured services and easy to use interface, the hopper has helped more than 160,000 traders, per the official website.

To understand its service offerings better, let’s explore three primary features of Cryptohopper: Automatic Trading, Exchange Arbitrage, and Market Making Bot.

  1. Automatic Trading

Cryptohopper’s automatic trading bot allows traders to trade their favorite crypto coins round-the-clock automatically. As the service is completely cloud-based, traders can always access the bot from their preferred device to trade 24/7. What’s more interesting is that the traders can still apply their trading strategies, which are implemented by the bot.

Hosted securely on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) infrastructure, Cryptohopper bot offers zero downtime. Moreover, it doesn’t require the users to install any special programs to use the platform. A simple sign up on Cryptohopper can get them started on trading.

Thanks to the automatic bot, it becomes possible for the traders to stay away from emotion-based trading. Greedy buying and panic selling, for instance. The bot relies on precise analysis before making any trade decisions.

Besides, the hopper can carry out simultaneous trading of all the available tokens by applying technical analysis in real-time. The bot monitors the accurate prices of the coins and sells when the cryptos hit the target profits. The automatic bot also facilitates social trading, letting users connect to experienced analysts to promptly respond to buy/sell orders.

  • Exchange Arbitrage Tool

Crypto traders often notice differences in prices between trading pairs, as well as exchanges, because of varying demand and supply. Cryptohopper, with its Arbitrage tool, lets the traders make the most of such a situation. The platform’s Arbitrage tool allows the traders to take advantage of these price differences experienced between trading pairs and/or crypto exchanges without having to withdraw their funds from the exchange. Wondering how?

  • Exchange Arbitrage:

Traders can carry out exchange arbitrage between different crypto exchanges minus the need to send funds from one crypto exchange to the other. Cryptohopper allows the users to connect exchanges they want (that they have funds on), and then enable Exchange Arbitrage. The Hopper will then look for the Arbitrage possibilities.

  • Market Arbitrage:

Also referred to as triangular arbitrage. Market Arbitrage lets users benefit from trading pairs’ price differences on the crypto exchange itself. Once you have selected the markets, the bot will trade them automatically and very quickly.

  • Arbitrage between Numerous Pairs and Exchanges:

With Cryptohopper, traders can connect all their exchanges to perform the Arbitrage trade between all of them. Multiple pairs can be selected on numerous exchanges for the best Arbitrage opportunities. However, any user will be able to select both arbitrage types at the same time. Therefore, having the most complete arbitrage bot in the industry.

  • Market Making Bot

Touted as one of Cryptohopper’s most significant features, Market Making Bot will trade the spread of every market incredibly quickly to pocket the difference between the bid and ask of the pairs.

It allows traders to switch trading strategies depending on market conditions. That’s because the trading strategies need to change with changing market trends. The platform offers indicators for helping users identify market trends to configure their strategies accordingly. Traders can create an order with a single click on the buy/sell button and make desired changes in their order book with changing market scenarios.

Moreover, the tool lets users cancel an order with various configurations per market trend, revert orders, and set stop-losses on the filled orders automatically.

Other than these features, Cryptohopper assists traders with mirror trading, paper trading, strategy designer, trailing stop loss, bear market tools, and much more. It is designed in such a way that both a novice and experienced trader can use it with equal ease.

Sign up in less than 2 minutes and enjoy the 7 day trial with Cryptohopper!

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