More Decentralized Features Added to HTC Exodus by Partnering with Opera Browser

HTC smartphone firm is a Taiwanese company that has always found interest in the latest tread of blockchain technology. HTC is the biggest consumer electronics company which recently announced that their new smartphone ‘Exodus’ would have features based on the blockchain. As per some sources, they have already included features like secure exchange access, cold storage wallet and encrypted communications in their smartphone which are functions that are linked to cryptocurrency.

However, they recently announced that Exodus smartphones would be supporting decentralized applications also known as DApp. They also said that they would be partnering with Opera browser to try to add features like digital currency micropayments and smartphones that will focus on blockchain apart from features mentioned above, Exodus already includes P2P resource sharing ecosystem that will help in making payments and run apps.

On 26th February, multiple tweets were posted by their official profile about the partnering with Opera. They said that the partnership would help in their ZIONVault which is integrated cold storage by supporting Etheremon and Decentraland Dapps. There is a Taiwanese decentralized app known as Numbers that will be supported by Exodus smartphones as per a report by Verge.

Vive virtual reality headset founder is working at Taiwanese phone maker, Phil Chen said that the users would not only be able to own their database, but also the firms are pushed to be more translucent with their customers regarding how the database is being used.

The Taiwanese DApp Numbers will help in tracking the data of the user in a translucent way following which the personal data of the users is allowed to sell to firms that are enlisted in the digital currency. When blockchain technology in merged with smartphones it will boost the security of the process of tracking user data and user’s assets privacy is maintained. This merger will also help in protecting the consumer’s info and identity in the future.

Exodus’s old version had compatibility concerning blockchain consisted of supporting the digital wallet and the CryptoKitties DApp. However, by adding Opera web browser to Exodus will allow the accessing of browser’s unified cryptocurrency wallet to the users so that they can make payments as well as micropayments. They will be able to make all these payments on the sites that support such type of payments. Exodus at present supports only Ethereum to make payments; however, as per the report by Verge, they will be adding Bitcoin and Litecoin in the coming days.

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