Australia’s Beef Farmers to Receive $3.73M for a New National Online Sustainability Framework

Australia’s Beef Farmers to Receive $3.73M for a New National Online Sustainability Framework

As per the latest reports, the beef farmers of Australia will obtain a whopping sum of 3.73 million dollars as support from the government to assess if their land management practices are sustainable. The farmers’ practices will be assessed against the latest national online framework of sustainability the industry is building.

The Australian government has come up with the Smart Farming Partnerships scheme worth 57.5 million dollars, out of which, $3.73M has been obtained by the Meat and Livestock Australia for developing this national sustainable framework online.

The new project would help the beef farmers of Australia, especially the broad-acre graziers, in adopting the standards that are increasingly being demanded by the lucrative markets, stated the nation’s Agriculture Minister, Senator Bridget McKenzie.

According to the reports, this project would prove to be a vital opportunity for Australia’s beef industry, worth 10.8 billion dollars, to showcase its credentials of sustainable production to the entire world. At the same time, it would also encourage producers to adopt enhanced practices of sustainable land management.

Elaborating further, the Minister was quoted as saying,

When it comes to maximizing Australia’s strengths as a red meat exporter, sustainable production is an increasingly valuable card to play-and as a government we should be doing everything we can to back our beef producers especially during drought.

Stressing on the importance of global sustainability standards, the Minister also said that it has become more and more important to validate the practices against the globally-recognized sustainability standards such as soil conservation, vegetation retention, and drought resilience. As per McKenzie, the project has the capability to connect with Australian, as well as global initiatives that revolve around the objectives concerning the environment and emission reduction.

The Minister also considers this move as the demonstration of the sector’s continued innovative lead and willingness to work alongside the government for becoming a more effective and stronger industry.

The Australian government intends to help the agriculture industry become a hundred billion dollar sector by 2030.

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