How To Make Money From CFD Trading?

Robert Brinson

CFD is a tradable contract between a broker and a trader where profits are earned from the difference in the current value of a share and its value when the contracts end. CFDs allow the trader to trade in equities of different exchanges and allow him to apply the intraday strategy along with position trading.

For a successful day trading, you need a quick price change for the instruments that you have selected. The prices of the underlying asset should quickly respond to the news, and follow the general trend during the trading session. Trading in CFDs also needs the right platform with advanced tools so that you can speculate easily and accurately on the underlying assets. is one of the most popular investment firms offering a bespoke, state-of-art trading platform for CFDs trading.

Trade in familiar assets

As a trader, one should keep in mind that ignorance can destroy all your techniques and strategy of trading. So trading in the stocks of the companies you know is advisable. You should know the negative or encouraging data on the company’s profits, any upcoming merger, and change in its management. All these events can bring changes in the stock price, which is going to affect your trade. The common practice is to select famous brands and international corporations as any event related to them will be discussed in the media.

Monitor the market

If you are trading in CFDs, it is the most important step. Even the smallest fluctuation in the trading market if gone amiss, can bring disaster for you. You should not take CFD trading as rolling dices as it may bury you in debt that will be difficult to recover from.

Go for Short trades

With CFD trading, two types of trading approaches work – long term and short term bids. Long term bids are best when you have a lot of money to play with. As the majority of us are trading in CFDs to earn money, long term bids may not be the right step. If you don’t want to lose money, go for short term trades. Short term trades are better because you don’t have to pay any overnight rates and the overall risks associated with CFD trading is significantly lower with short term trades. With short term trades, you can also use lower margins, which is simply too risky with long term trades.

Risk management

Keeping the stop-loss orders in place is the best way to lower the risks of losses. You should check with your broker and put a stop-loss order on your trade. Stop loss orders let you close the position if the value of an asset reaches a certain value chosen by you. This way, you can secure your profits while minimizing the losses.

Always keep the lowest margin

Keeping the margin low is not always a good idea if you are not sure of the outcome. However, with low margins, you get to invest less money, and the return rate is also higher. Using low margin is the right strategy when you plant to go short and when you are positive of the outcome.

Keep track of your activity

If you want to progress in the right direction, keeping track of your trading activity is the key. Record every aspect of your activity like which asset you trade in, what margin did you use, how much was the leverage, and how did the asset behave.

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