IOST Joins TROY’s Staking Program

IOST Joins TROY’s Staking Program; Becomes Its Third Partner Node

The public chain and application platform Internet of Services Token (IOST), strategically collaborated as a partner node with TROY’s “Brokerage Reward and Staking Program.” IOST is providing support to the TROY staking program and will stake a certain amount of TROYs as an important partner node.

Both firms have been focusing on collaborating to develop technologies regarding computer processing and providing highly efficient solutions for the same. IOST will be providing strong technical support for TROY’s Blockchain infrastructure.

TROY’s “Brokerage Reward and Staking program” aims at rewarding brokers and holders of TROY who are an essential component of the TROY eco-system. There are many other projects that are coming up to join the program. This program is a period of considerable and upheld development.

IOST is the blockchain platform which is developed for online service providers. IOST is one of the four big public chains along with ETH, EOS, and Tron. IOST provides a highly efficient computer processing and Transaction Processing System (TPS) via the POB consensus algorithm.   

TROY Trade is a prime broker which specializes in crypto and asset trading and management. Troy Trade provides its customers with institutional-grade capital and traders, who are professionally trained to provide extraordinary trading products.

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