UNRWA facing worst financial crisis in history

UNRWA Reveals That It is Facing Worst Financial Crisis in Its History

UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, has revealed that it is facing the worst financial crisis in its history. In-charge officer, Christine Saunders revealed the details at the press conference held at the Dead Sea, Jordan. He revealed that the UNRWA currently has a budget deficit of as much as $332 million.

Saunders stated that if UNRWA is to provide minimum services, then it would need $176 million in funding immediately. Saunders also said,

“We need $80 million monthly to continue to provide our services. Next month, we will need additional $40 million to provide food and medicines.” 

However, she added that the UNRWA has now reached out to its donors to take care of their obligations so that the agency can continue to serve Palestinian refugees. The UNRWA is an important arm of the UN, and it was established back in 1949. The agency aims to provide Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip with critical aid.

However, the agency has found itself in financial trouble ever since its funding was cut off by the United States in 2018. Before 2018, Washington was the biggest donor to the UNRWA and used to contribute $350 million a year annually. That constituted around 25% of the agency’s total annual budget.

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