Trade talks between U.S and China to end tariff war to continue in Washington from Tuesday- White House reports

Trade war talks between U.S and China will begin once again in Washington, and the main objective of the talk is to discuss about the impact that is being caused by tariff hike and end the tariff war. The talks will resume on Tuesday according to White House reports.

The recent level talks between the two countries that finished on Friday held in Beijing ended with no deal, although U.S President Trump informed that the negotiation between the two was quite good and he recommended that the trade war truce deadline March 1, might be postponed and an agreement has to be signed.

The next high-level talks will be scheduled with deputy level meeting ahead of principal-level talks which are commencing on Thursday, on Monday the White House issued the statement and informed.

From the Chinese side the meeting will be represented by Vice Premier Liu He, who is the key trade negotiator of China, Commerce Ministry of China announced about the talks.

From the U.S side, Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer will lead the talks along with Treasury Secretary of U.S Steven Mnuchin, economic policy advisor Larry Kudlow, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and trade advisor Peter Navarro.

American White House officials have been criticized Beijing; they believe that Beijing is trying to control global industries by using several illegal trade practices which also includes stealing of intellectual property of America and huge interferences in commodities markets of the state.

While on Friday, U.S President Trump repeatedly said that, increase in the tariffs to 25 percent on the Chinese goods of worth $200 billion from 10 percent after the trade war deadline which was planned earlier, if both the countries do not agree upon a deal might be put on hold if and only if Washington and Beijing are progressive at reaching a deal on the key issues of the U.S like the theft of American technology and on illegal trade practice.

On Monday the statement announced that the main aim of the talks is at fulfilling the most structural needs of China that are required the most, which is disturbing the trade business between the U.S and China.

In order to improve the relationship between the countries, from December onwards China has started purchasing few US soybeans again and also offered plan of purchasing more of American commodities so that they can be close enough to strike out a deal.

Both the countries, Beijing and Washington, have imposed duties over more than $360 billion goods in two side trade, which are mostly considering the manufacture sectors. This has further led to concerns and has disturbed the global financial markets.

“Both the countries are going to discuss over China’s promise of buying a huge amount of goods and services from U.S,” Monday reports suggested.

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