Exchange Platform HKEX Locks a Strategic Deal With Transaction Network Services

Exchange Platform HKEX Locks a Strategic Deal With Transaction Network Services

Transaction Network Services or TNS, the leading payments and tele sector firm of the United States, has partnered with Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX) through an agreement. The collaboration aims to foster local as well as global low-latency connectivity for the market participants of HKEX.
By providing the investors a more lucrative choice on how to indulge in trading with the leading exchange platform, TNS will work as a linkage between HKEX and its trading partners along with rendering traders-operated hosting initiatives at the HKEX HDC data center. It will work as an Application Service Provider for the equities and derivatives niche of HKEX.
HKEX takes pride in being Hong Kong’s unprecedented securities marketspace with more than 2,300 listed companies in its kitty. It offers its investors a wide range of equities and derivatives, which makes it a prime spot for big strategic dealings.
Andy Lee, the reputed chief of Hosting Services at HKEX, stated that “We are delighted to be welcoming TNS to our hosting services ecosystem.”
The highly anticipated TNS offering will constitute market data analytics from the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK) and the Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE).

“HKEX is an exciting addition to our global financial community,” said Stefano Durdic, managing Director of Financial Services arm of TNS. The notable leader further added that

The Asian financial markets continue to grow quickly, and HKEX is taking significant steps to expand its market position further. It has made investments in schemes that allow foreign investors to trade on mainland Chinese exchanges via the HKEX infrastructure and updated listing rules which have attracted major multi-national companies and tech startups. We look forward to helping traders reach this significant market.

HKEX garnered a lot of attention from the financial space when it faced a strong rejection from the UK group against its £32bn bid directed towards the London Stock Exchange takeover. The authority addressed the attempts of HKEX to be an “unsolicited approach.”

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