TechBook, the Next-gen Platform to Connect Tech Startups With Corporates

TechBook, the Next-gen Platform to Connect Tech Startups With Corporates

Transparent innovation is the fad in corporate settings these days. It helps companies adapt to dynamic markets and consumer needs. A solution that can make a company’s products stand out and make a statement in the market is always welcomed.

Techcode has recently launched such an online platform that helps startups get in touch with new clients. The platform named TechBook was launched in October and has lured in over 15000 startups along with 300+ leaders as members of the portal. Within just two months of operation, the platform has made tremendous growth and a promising network of users.

Techcode is an accelerator network and incubator headquartered in Beijing that boasts of offices in over 20 cities in 7 countries. Startups can use this portal as social media networking, creating profiles to demonstrate innovations as well as make self-recommendations like friend requests to the existing users. It can be in the form of a Proof-of-Concept as well as sales partnerships. Techcode has already catered to the needs of over 20 well-known clients in the field of automobile, healthcare, e-commerce as well as energy sectors, helping them discover 500 plus solutions for their clients.

With the economy of nations taking strides towards quality, we need solutions fueling innovations and continued growth. For startups, getting some major clients is a huge accomplishment. Generally, the founders of startup start hunting clients with their private network, but it’s of little use in bringing long term effective leads. Though Techcode does charge a success fee following a successful deal, its primary purpose is to create a dedicated solution that can foster innovative technological relationships around the world.

Exhibitions and corporate events is another way to buy leads. The entire process is confidential and is very time-consuming. With platforms like TechBook, companies can look for customers who meet their requirements and find the solution offered usefully.

While the traditional way of open innovation is impactful, the matchmaking process was rather lengthy and we hope TechBook could make the whole process easier for both startups and large corporates,” commented Luke Tang, CEO of Techcode.

Ever since its inception, TechBook has received 84 matches amongst clients and global startups demonstrating their efficiencies in effective online lead generation. After establishing a connection, the local team of Techcode will facilitate the first few meetings building mutual trust and communication.

Techcode has well analyzed the disparities between the client opportunities and the provider, to bring a full-fledged customer acquisition platform that doesn’t fail to disappoint its users. We believe TechBook is definitely bound to become a household name amongst the high-end global tech inventions.

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